THE ACROBATS 100% Silk Twill Handkerchief

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THE ACROBATS handkerchief by Cha•Val Milano belongs to the collection called CIRCUS. It is a luxury accessory realized in Italy using 100% Silk Twill and characterized by sparkling colors and patterns.

It is very precious and created for men who love distinguishing among the others.

"A moment of suspension, a small taste of eternity. Breath comes short, the heart beats faintly and both eyes are wide open. Then the reaching out to the feel the grip, with both hands stretched, that grip that stops the fall. Of course you may feel bewildered – after all any strong emotion can be mistaken for fear. But every time, regardless how hard the jump is, or how high it is, and even if there is no net, two acrobats will always catch each other, while a smile widens on their faces. Acrobats will always find each other up on high where others only feel afraid."

Wear this wonderful accessory with Cordone 1956 Shirts, Santaniello Trousers and Le Sac Bleu Travel Bags to make a unique impression.



- Made in Italy

- DIMENSIONS: 45 X 45 cm

- MATERIAL: 100% Silk Twill

- Hand-sewn hem

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-5 working days. FREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada

Cha•Val Milano is an emergent Italian brand which produces luxury scarves and handkerchiefs conceived as silk paintings. The story began two years ago in Milan, where Valentina Gestri Paolucci had moved after graduating in Brand Management. Her passions were fashion, which she studied in every aspect, and Art. Then, the encounter with Carlotta Vasoli, specialist in Communication Management. The new friends found out they shared the same passions and the desire to start something new. So Cha•Val Milano was born: a maison of scarves and handkerchiefs, atelier of graceful luxury, where Art transcends the concept of artwork and moves towards fashion, which is open to everyone’s personal interpretation, like all the artistic forms.


Cha•Val Milano hold the main values of real Made in Italy: craftsmanship, care for details, use of the best precious yarns, sartorial cut. Inspiration and high quality are the key words of this brand: sparkling shapes and colors, fresh and nice sensations elevate the classical nature of these accessories, which become protagonist and contemporaneus.


We want to describe this unique collection with a story..

There’s room for everyone under here - the tent is big - please take a seat.

Here we do somersaults, we fly without nets, we eat fire, we laugh, we cry, we dream.

But every time you see something extraordinary, astonishing or dazzling, do not make the mistake that many make: believe in it.

Believe in it, even though to start with you will be the only one.

Believe in it, because there’s no trick, there’s no illusion, not even a hint of magic.

This is the circus of life.

Do we have to tell more about why Finaest has chosen Cha•Val Milano?

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