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FEFE Glamour

The brand FeFè was born among the desks of the Luiss Business School MBA from an idea of a team of designers, economists and entrepreneurs. As careful analysts and observers of the social trends and behaviors, the minds of FeFè have glimpsed the possibility of including in the fashion system an extremely simple but incredibly sophisticated and stylish item: the pocket square, coming from classical tratidions but revisited and highly glamorous.

High-quality pocket squares which are young, vintage, and in some cases extreme, enriched with colors and innovative designs. The team, after having made a long elaboration of the concept and prototype phase, begins his adventure among the major Italian textiles and most precious silks with the purpose to start a strictly made in Italy competitive project with strong roots and highest standard.

Today the brand FeFè has already achieved a sales' network of more than 100 dealers in Italy and in the world, offering a range of products much more varied than the initial launch (like bow ties) and preparing itself to a global expansion through the choice of new distribution channels in Middle East, Asia, Russia and America.


The experience of the best textile artisans; the quality and the peculiarities of the Italian tradition; the incredible brilliance of the rarest silks, enriched with a fierce sensuality of designs and colors in a unique square of genuine style. All this is Fefè Glamour. A niche but affordable item, able to comply but also change the dandy style of the young and less young men of our days. Able to dare, but also to be different and stylish; it seduces, attracts and marks a thin line of separation from others, adorning the personality of people who wear it enough to be elegantly original.

The company FeFè focuses primarily on the exaltation of details, what is usually left in a strange twilight zone by the most ones. It develops its own brand and its products in a perspective of exclusivity and originality, aiming to make a silk handkerchief be an incredible object of desire.

Fefè is not a simple pocket square made to be put into a pocket or be binded to the wrist. It is a homing pigeon, a bottle with a message, a way to communicate, since each FeFè comes with a message about life and passion.

FINAEST.COM chose FeFè at Pitti 84 for the three basic components of its philosophy: elegance, quality and experimentation.

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