GALLO gioielli

Lapis Lazuli Metal Skull Bracelet

Limited quantity available
GALLO gioielliAt your home in 7-10 working days (due to the Artisanal Process)

The collection of sophisticated stones and silver bracelets by Gallo Gioielli is completely Made in Italy by hand.

This model is the result of a collaboration between Silvia Gallo and the fashion blogger Gian Maria Sainato.

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Handmade in Italy

Composition: Lapis Lazuli and Metal Skull

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-5 working days.

GALLO GIOIELLI was born from the passion and creativity of its founder Silvia Gallo, whose outstanding ability is able to give life to handcrafted, unique and exclusive creations which are executed entirely by hand and realized through a perfect fusion of materials, technique of embedding and color's play.

Unique jewellery, thought and created for a sophisticated clientele, which has the power to communicate emotions and enhance charm and charism.

Jewels with a unique soul which combine and exalt the imperfections of natural materials which are created with, such as semiprecious stones, quartz, rough aquamarine and many others. The veins, fissures of materials carefully chosen personally by the designer, are not defects, but characteristic elements of the story that make them so unique and inimitable. Silvia Gallo has got the abilty to transform them into artifacts which are deliberately "flawed",  differentiating them from industrial production.

Furthermore, Swarovski and Bohemia crystal line have been created to allow women to feel unique among the others and astonish the world around; precious and unique rings, bracelets and necklaces are realized with impeccable taste and refinement, and they appear as real works of art to wear.

Precisely for these reasons, GALLO JEWELLERY was founded as a workshop-boutique, a refined and exclusive place where giving life to bespoke jewellery. In fact, the designer creates customized jewels according to customers' taste and imputs in terms of design, colors and sizes, which are interpreted by Silvia Gallo as a sign of great expressiveness and personality. has chosen Gallo Gioielli because its products are simply wonderful and preciously handmade in Italy with natural materials.


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