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CEDES MILANOAt your home in 7-10 working days (due to the Artisanal Process)

Meticulously crafted from Soft lambskin Leather in CEDES MILANO Italian workshop, this specially selected leather has undergone a vegetable tanning process to produce a unique softness.

This malleable watch case contains space for 4/5 watches and is completely HANDMADE IN ITALY by skilled craftsmen.

What are you waiting to buy this fantastic luxurious accessory for yourself or as a gift for your partner or best friends? 


- Black lambskin leather

- 4/5 watch spaces

- 2 small instruments in aluminum and stainless steel for maintenance

- DIMENSIONS: Length 27cm x Width 8 cm 

DELIVERY: At your home in 7 working days (due to the Artisanal Process). FREE SHIPPING to Europe, US and Canada.

CEDES MILANO is a family company and was founded in 2009 by Mauro Lorenzi and Manuela Casati. Their family team has been working for thirty years in the field of fashion, personal and home accessories, and the company has always aimed to create a workroom to make craftsmen continue creating particular products, mostly made by natural materials.

Maintaining the skill of the artisans who work in the atelier is necessary in order to conserve jobs that nowadays are disappearing, so the founding of the company was also patriotic. Lorenzo and Manuela thought that only the most skillful hands can turn natural materials into everyday but original and absolutely unique objects.

These hands belong to the craftsmen who everyday, in their workrooms, have been shaping up materials of unmatched beauty such as horn, bamboo, wood, mother of pearl. These rough materials are bought directly from the country of origin and only through legitimate channels; horns mostly come from African and Asian countries; lambskins come from South Africa and then are tanned in Italy; deer antlers come from Hungary; woods come from India and South America; bamboo comes from Japan.

Finaest.com has chosen CEDES MILANO masterpieces because they are completely handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans and represent unique pieces that are able to express your uniqueness and personality.

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