ATACAMA James Black Genuine Goatskin Leather Biker Jacket

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If you're considering adding a leather jacket to your wardrobe, it's worth investing in one crafted by specialist Atacama. Their jackets are entirely designed and produced in Italy using the best and most exclusive materials and fabrics, made great by skilled craftsmen that works since 40 years in the industry. 

The high-quality appearance of this biker jacket is emphasised by the stunning colour shading, an off-centre front zip fastening, front zipped pockets, a front flap pocket, long sleeves and zipped cuffs. Elegant and luxury inner linin in a 100% Italian Silk.


- Handmade in italy with high quality goatskin leather

- Turn-down collar

- Off-centre front zip fastening

- Front zipped pockets

- Front flap pocket

- Long sleeves

- Zipped cuffs

- Inner lining: 100% Silk

- Handcrafted in Italy

CUSTOMIZE: you can also create and customize your handmade leather jacket. Make it unique by choosing your favourite leather, lining, knitwear, buttons and zip. For more info write us to

DELIVERY: at your home in 10 working days (due to the Artisanal Process). FREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada.

Brand History

Atacama project was started by two Italian entrepreneurs, Daniele and Alice, in late 2017, combining a vintage taste for motorcycles, street culture and Italian tailoring tradition, with a modern take on production and product development.

The main idea is to offer something that the market was missing, in terms of quality and experience. We live in a time where everyone desire to stand out in the crowd and be unique, and just like most enthusiasts do with their motorcycles so Atacama lets you customize your jacket to match your personality.

Atacama jackets are entirely designed and produced in Italy using the best and most exclusive materials and fabrics, made great by skilled craftsmen that works since 40 years in the industry. From "Ready to wear" to "Customization" that is the main focus of the project, and your imagination is the only limit. Combining different fabrics, colors, leather and hardware, you can choose from more than 10 million possible configurations. The customer will live a true experience, assisted by the design team, waiting for his "dream jacket" come true and last forever. The journey from sketches to the final product will be so satisfying that you can enjoy trying different styles for different seasons. The owner say it's as easy as waiting for a good cocktail to be served. Heritage tradition is also very important. Each jacket silhouette is inspired and dedicated to Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen, Cary Grant and Marlon Brando (just to name a few) who made that style iconic.


Atacama, the most arid desert in the world is characterized primarily by a series of cracks, large furrows that literally cut the ground making it fascinating in its own conformation.

The visual similarity between a crack in the ground and a wrinkle in a leather fabric characterize ground as well as a fabric and keep trace of time, of memory. The leather of a jacket preserves over time the story and life of the wearer and the places in which he has lived; in the same way, the ground changes its shape, it diminished to then re-open again as a mark, a scar that identifies it. The ground's cracks are the first visual impact, the first sign of the Atacama desert. Yet just moving slightly you'll find several and alienating natural land-scapes. Among the arid expanses, this place withhold saline mountains, geysers and in seasonally also kilometers of amazing blossoms. Likewise, a jacket is not just its exterior covering, but the care for details, the choice of the interior fabrics, the colors and the sensations of a meticulously handcrafted product.

Just like the desert, Atacama products are created based on an adventure in which leather blends with new textures creating unique products that recounts thes story of a journey.

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