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A brief introduction to shirts'​ collars

A brief introduction to shirts'​ collars


Also known as the point collar, the straight collar is flexible enough to wear to work with a tie, then go tie-less for dinner after. The straight is a universal collar; the most versatile, easy-to-wear style. This collar style is appropriate for many occasions from weddings to business functions. Pair it with a classic suit and tie, or jeans and a blazer; you’ll always look well put together.


Traditional British fashion, calls for a properly knotted tie, though a Windsor knot is not required. The Windsor spread collar is a conservative spread collar appropriate for any occasion inside or outside of the boardroom.


The cutaway spread collar points at roughly 45 degrees, it’s wider than a spread collar, the cutaway spread collar is ideal for wide and prominent neckwear and offers an unimpeded presentation, making it a perfect choice for formal business, tie it up.


This old-school academic collar is historically casual, but dress it up with a tie and it’s all American. The button-down collar was introduced in England during the 1800s to help polo players keep their collars in place while playing. Secured to the shirt by small buttons on both points for both a stylish and practical look. This style is hence considered a sportier look and is the least dressy of available collar options.


Totally not for business, known by many names (including the Capri, Pyjama, or Cuban shirt), the camp collar shirt is a casual icon that has its origins in the 1950s. First worn by Cuban farmers to endure the heat, the shirt became popular after it was exported to the United States during the Cuban Exile of 1959.

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