News Jan 20, 2014

FARABEO Milano: Made in Italy silk luxury accessories

Farabeo Milano provides a sophisticated range of outstanding, luxury silk products featuring refined designs. Combining Faraone and Scarabeo the brand name Farabeo hints towards the source of inspiration: history’s greatest civilisation Ancient Egypt. Finaest Tie Farabeo Before becoming a motif all sources of inspiration are thoroughly-researched and brought to life with a modern twist to complement the personality of today’s gentlemen. The essence of what Farabeo’s passionate design team does, is to imprint the mystique and some of the magic of the motifs onto the silk screen. The unique patterns exhibit rich, alluring colour combinations resulting in a timeless piece. Each design tells a story. DEDICATED MANUFACTURING All Farabeo products are made of the finest pure silk, manufactured with extreme care and astute attention to detail. Production takes place at a traditional, family-owned manufactura in ComoItaly, a city with pioneering history and heritage in the silk industry. In the restless quest for superior quality and design Farabeo partnered up with genuine, local experts of the craft, greatly benefiting from the skill of generations of craftsmen well-versed in the handling and imprinting of silk. Silk luxury: Made in Italy Finaest Farabeo Tie Farabeo Cravatte   Finaest Farabeo Tie Farabeo Cravatte Farabeo Cravatte Tie   FARABEO FINAEST.COM CLIENT EXPERIENCE At the core of Farabeo’s philosophy is the sole aim to satisfy and inspire each and every individual client. From the strict selection of the raw material, to the diligent inspection of the finished product and attention to detail that goes into everything from drawings to packaging detail is too small to not receive utmost attention. On a quest to bring luxury silk to discerning clients around the world. Every Farabeo client is part of an exciting journey! Last but not least, Farabeo was already featured on the most famous fashion Magazines (like Vogue Italia) and was won by the most important Style Trendsetters (like Fabio Attanasio of THE BESPOKE DUDES). Farabeo  Finaest Farabeo Silk Tie Farabeo Finaest (7)   Farabeo Finaest (3)     FINAEST.COM chose Farabeo because, as stated by one of the founders: "Farabeo brings to life beautiful motifs set on vibrant backgrounds, advocating Made in Italy silk luxury accessories" Tancredi Cordero di Montezemolo Farabeo Finaest (5) Farabeo