News Oct 22, 2016


"Life's no fun without a good scare" says a famous cartoon movie song..Do you agree?


"Life's no fun without a good scaresays a famous cartoon movie song..Do you agree? Then, celebrate the most scaring and craziest night of the year pushing the boat out! Plan your Halloween weekend in Italy, because here there are some places which worth it.. catacombe-cappuccini-palermoIn Palermo, there is one of the most important Italian cemeteries, famous for his macabre show: the subway galleries of Cappuccini's Convent host 8000 mummified bodies of nobles and church representers which rest in peace since 1500. Also Guy de Maupassant has been here. rif Piazza Risorgimento"The other" Torino, city where Finaest was founded, is 15 metres underground. A guided nocturnal tour is organized to visit it between tunnels of 1700's, ancient crypts of the old town center and Porta Palazzo's royal ice-houses. And then, which is more mysterious of the Egyptian culture? An overnight path to discover the antique secrets of Pharaohs together with an Egyptology expert who will tell you some interesting scaring stories..museo-egizio-torino consonno-wConsonno is the forsaken city, forgotten even before being completed. It could have been a big commercial centre, but now it is composed only by spectral and crumbling buiildings. You can take a stroll through an Arab gallery, a chinese pagod, a medieval castle and so on..there will be nobody around you..except for ghosts! 002Venice in a tour to know thriller stories and haunted places..One of the most scaring is Cà Dario, a beautiful palace on the Canal Grande famous because all its owners are dead suddenly and violently. The last of this long serie were the financier Raul Gardini and the bass player Who John Entwistle. 1609579Cross Maddalena Bridge in Lucca, also known as Devil Bridge. A legend tells the devil himself built it.. la-leggenda-di-azzurrinaIn the end..Montebello Castle, theatre of a well known legend about the ghost of the Lord Ugolinuccio's disappeared albino daughter Guendalina, called Azzurrina because her mother dyed her hairs to hide her conditions.. Are you scared enough?!