Events Oct 19, 2022

Loro Piana: Astonishing Fabrics

A newborn collaboration to bring you the best among the best

We recently celebrated a new collaboration to bring you the best among the best.

If you don't already know who Loro Piana is, maybe we can help.
Loro Piana is one of the most famous, if not "the" most famous, textile and clothing producers worldwide.

Now you can take advantage of their decennial expertise in making near-to-perfect fabrics, in fact, you can now choose to have your made-to-measure garments made with Loro Piana wool, cashmere, cotton, and others.

We hosted a special event whose primary guest was indeed Loro Piana's Europe Sales Manager, which presented their new product line.

A dedicated product line, designed specifically for outerwear, it has super-natural characteristics, such as a rain-proof and wind-proof coating, a non-iron texture, and a thermo-insulating layer all without compromising elegance neither style and luxury. All these fabrics are available both in wool, cashmere and even in the Solaro edition.


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