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MADE IN ITALY: A walk in the Italian shoes

Hand-made in Italy, a walk in the Italians' shoes


Shoes are perhaps the most important element in a men's wardrobe, they can make or break a great outfit. For our finest selection of made in Italy products, we chose Francesco Lanzone's hand-made shoes.

Francesco Lanzone's workshop is quintessentially Italian. Like all the best Italian stories, this one was driven by determination, sacrifice and the desire to realize a dream: to produce excellent handcrafted shoes capable of satisfying a personal need, that of creating, with his own hands, a pair of bespoke shoes to fit his own feet, size 47! The reason was simple: he couldn't find any that he liked.

His wish to accomplish this challenge, creating sophisticatedstylish shoesrefined in both their harmony of form and their highest quality craftsmanship, turned this need into a labor of love, leading to the opening of his own workshop, in the center of Turin, Piedmont, ten years ago.

The attention to style, to the harmony of lines in the forms, is impeccable, as a true gentleman would expect, and never at the expense of detail when it comes to the construction, appearance and functionality, as demonstrated in the fiddle and rounded waist and the support this provides to the arch of the foot. The insides of the shoes are lined in calfskin for optimum breathability, and the soles are made from genuine Italian leathervegetable-tanned to guarantee durability.

"I believe that the quest for style should go hand in hand with comfort and that's why my shoes are based on a form developed through careful study of the foot and its most sensitive areas: the instep and the width of the sole. Many years of experience in the craft of bespoke shoemaking have enabled me to make shoes with attention to styledetailquality and comfort, that you can bend with just one finger... A real pleasure all day long!" Francesco tells us.

In addition to the Ready To Wear collection designed for FINAEST, there is also the option, at extra cost, of a totally Bespoke shoe (the customer's foot measurements will be taken in person and the shoes created for a perfect, personal fit) or a Made To Order shoe (personalizing the aesthetic aspects of the shoe only) and the choice of three different stitching techniquesBlakeGoodyear and Norwegian.

Finaest has chosen Francesco Lanzone because his fabulous products are 100% Made in Italy and are made with the finest materials and impeccable, traditional craftsmanship.

As Francesco Lanzone likes to think ... "When a handcrafted product manages to make you feel something, it's the product itself that chooses you."

Take a look at our Francesco Lanzone's shoes.

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