News Jan 14, 2017


Pitti Uomo 91th Edition is ended and the datas confirm the success of this Italian fashion event


Pitti Uomo 91th Edition is ended and the datas confirm the success of this Italian fashion event, famous all over the world: around 24,300 buyers came from more than one hundred countries and 15.500 of them were Italians. From our point of view, the event was positive and profitable: we were really inspired by people, ideas and new collections, finding interesting new products and brands that we will add to our online catalogue for the next F/W. Moreover, as usual, we were impressed by the new F/W collections provided by the designers which are already part of our website's selection, such as Mazzoleni Gloves 1958, Panizza 1879, Adriano Meneghetti, Grignola 1966, Della Ciana Cashmere, Re-Hash, Green George. Amazing news also from our famous accessories' brands like Francesco Maglia 1854, Kyme, Wood'd and so on.. We want also underline the numerous events organized by famous brands out of Pitti that we attended with superb pleasure. So, all we can do now is proceeding tidily. Starting from February, new brands and products will be introduced into our online catalogue for the S/S 17 and we absolutely have to follow us to not to miss anything! Finally, we want to show you what we saw at this important event. Our photographer Miguel Vieira captured for us some interesting images of the street style we hope you will like and draw inspiration from. pitti_giorno_2_10 pitti_giorno_3_1 pitti_giorno_2_5 pitti_giorno_2_1 pitti_giorno_3_5 pitti_giorno_3_7 pitti_giorno_2_8 pitti_giorno_2_7 pitti_giorno_3_4 pitti_giorno_3_2 pitti_giorno_2_2 pitti_giorno_2_6 pitti_giorno_2_9 pitti_giorno_3_3 pitti_giorno_2_4 pitti_giorno_2_3 pitti_giorno_3_6 pitti_giorno_3_10 pitti_giorno_1_1 pitti_giorno_1_4 pitti_giorno_1_3 pitti_giorno_1_2 pitti_giorno_1_9 pitti_giorno_1_6 pitti_giorno_1_8 pitti_giorno_1_10 pitti_giorno_1_7