Style Stories Jul 2, 2022

Style Guide 4: The jacket and how to choose it

Three easy tips to improve your ability to choose the right jacket


A jacket can either be lined or unlined. The main differences are two: the first one is about weight, the second is about fit.

A lined jacket is heavier than its counterpart, resulting in a more appropriate garment for the cold season. On the other hand, an unlined jacket will be lighter and consequently, have a softer and more natural shape.

It is also true that the extra layer of cloth of a lined jacket helps tug the garment firmly down on your shoulders, making it fall smoothly from top to bottom.

Whether you choose one or the other make sure the fit of the jacket it’s correct, nothing will make you look more shabby than a jacket worn improperly.


A full canvas jacket has the interior completely sewn whether a fused one has a fusible interlining that’s glued to the shell.

The full canvas is more prestigious and of higher quality, because it's more durable and makes the jacket fit better on the body.

Glued interiors tend to unstuck from the skeleton causing the garment to wrinkle.

When you have your jacket made to measure you can always choose what type of interlining to use and, obviously, it comes with a price difference.


The main difference between a single and a double-breasted jacket consists in the way it is buttoned and therefore how it wraps the body. Let’s say that this is the most visible element that distinguishes one from the other.

Apart from this aspect, what characterizes a double-breasted jacket is the more formal allure it gives to the whole outfit. We Italians prefer it because it also helps the wearer in resulting more masculine and it emanates authority too so, why not? A single-breasted jacket, on the other hand, can be worn with a more casual style and maybe it’s easier to go with. One thing it’s sure, no one can ever miss in a gentlemen’s wardrobe.

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