News Nov 3, 2016


Yes, we have selected all the garments you need to own for this season.


Yes, we have selected all the garments you need to own for this season. They are all designed and realized by one of our favourite Italian brands, Della Ciana, established in 1978 in the neighbourhood of Perugia. Then, they are not only "Made in Italy" products, but also "Made in Umbria", as specified in the guarantee certificate attached to each item. The connection with this place is crucial because of two reasons: first of all, all the production phases take place; moreover, it is a region with a deeply-rooted and long tradition in wool manufacturing since Etruscan times. Even St. Francis' father, named Bernardone da Assisi, was a well-known wool garments' merchant! Della Ciana's formula combines the traditional nature of noble fibers like wool and cashmere with handcraft methods and advanced manufacturing technologies. The superb care for details and finishing touches, united with the perfect fit design and combination of colours nowadays make this brand one of the most precious of the world. For more infos about Della Ciana's history, visit Now, we show you 5 wonderful models you must have into your wardrobe, no excuses. We begin with a masterpiece, an exclusive garment of the new collection, a light jacket made of cashmere 2/28 and buckskin inserts. A perfect garment for real "cashmere victims" and class men, to be worn for daily occasions as well as special ones, from a date with your beloved to an informal dinner with the family or friends. 6-667x1000 Then, an unforgettable must-have since Happy Days time: the leather jacket. Crafted in genuine leather and reversible thanks to the polyester lining, this item is luxurious, useful and comfortable at the same time. Moreover, you can have two garments into one! Perfect to be worn..wherever and whenever you want! 15-667x1000 The bomber jacket, a reworked version of an American classic, imbued with a cool, urban edge. It is made of a mixed yarn that magnifies the outstanding qualities of two fibres: cashmere, soft as a caress and evoking pure pleasure and luxurious comfort; extra fine merinos wool, renowned for its elasticity and resilience. Ideal to be worn to go to and from the workplace. 9-667x1000 Not properly a jacket, this reversible quilted gilet is really precious. Softness, warmth, flexibility and termoregulation are assured by the high quality of the materials it is made of: cashmere, extra fine merinos wool and lightweight padding realized in real goose down. Sportive and elegant at the same time, it is perfect to be worn matched with casual outfit to go work or for a stroll in the park. 7-667x1000 In the end, an elegant warm and soft choise, made of supreme cashmere and wool: the double breasted peacoat. With oversized notch lapels and a dapper double-breasted front, this peacoat is lauded for its dateless design and adaptability. It is ideal to be worn with precious scarves or soft roll-neck pullovers, to go work or during your nights out. 16-667x1000 What are you waiting to put these pieces into your newgentleman clothing selection? Photo credits: Della Ciana