BOHO Cady and Satin Silk Skin Long Dress

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BOHO is the wonderful piece belonging to the new amazing collection called BOHEME FATALE by the talented designer Jessica Choay.

This Long Dress with 8 Splits is handmade in Italy from 100% Silk.

It is inspired by lingerie world, designed to be feminine and light, like a second skin. The combination of oversized shapes and luxury floating fabrics creates an elegant and timeless piece which is both sophisticated and seductive.

It will make a special addition to your wardrobe, to be worn for chic occasion, especially during your nights out and elegant events.

Wear it with with Lamperti Milano Shoes, Hibourama Bags and Panizza Hats to make an astonishing impression.


- Color and Material: Skin / Cady and Satin 100% Silk

- 8 Splits

- Care instructions: Dry Clean.

SIZES: Whatever size is available on request. Taylor-making is also possible. (In these cases, the garment will take one month to be realized). Write to

DELIVERY: At your home within 7-10 working days (due to the Artisanal Process). FREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada.

Brand History

Just like a collector who carefully searches for particular items, Jessica Choay draws her inspiration from the hidden, the extraordinary, the unique. Each new collection put her discoveries together in the form of a fashion narrative. She translates her designs into improvised melodies, short stories and films

Her own story in fashion began with an escape to Italy. When time to leave came, Jessica decided to stay and graduate at the prestigious European Institute of Design in Milan. It was there where she took her first steps into the fashion industry, learning from the likes of Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. Despite her intention to pursue further experience, her own visions came into fruition private buyers who started calling at her door, followed by international stores interested in her pieces. In 2013 Jessica relocated to London. This Parisian designer however can still be found travelling the world, always in search of inspiration.

Her collections are inspired by lingerie, so they are designed to be feminine and light, like a second skin. The combination of oversized shapes and luxury floating fabrics creates elegant and timeless pieces. The purpose of the collection is to enhance femininity of women without compromising on comfort. Moreover, each garment is completely Made in Italy by using materials carefully selected for their high quality and natural fibers (silks, cottons and wools). Each item is designed to be perfect to wear and balance the desire to be both elegant and seductive. And wrapped into all of that there is the desire to infuse femininity and sophistication.

But no fashion designer can create pieces for everyone’s future, so who Jessica Choay designs clothing for? The woman who buys clothes that don’t so much outwardly communicate as they do internally indulge.

Finally, FINAEST.COM  chose Jessica Choay and her masterpieces for her philosophy:

Jazz notes hang in the air.

Your skin is kissed by a soft caress.

Your fingers fondle its delicate fabric.

Your nose sense its closeness.

Your eyes anticipate the union.

Your lips are moist with passion.

Now you two are one. You and your dress.

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