Cornucopia was founded in 1978 and since then it has produced high quality women knitwear characterized by a sophisticated sober style. Giuliana Poggi, who has founded her maison and run it ever since, is a delicious person who puts all her experience, energy and enthusiasm into her collections. Her small laboratory is located in a beautiful villa in Genova, where all the items are handcrafted and supervised by herself personally.

Cornucopia realizes a kind of knitwear which is thought for women who appreciate a sober but very sophisticated look, appropriate for both morning and evening happenings, and suitable also for special occasions. An unmistakable style, easy and precious at the same time because of the choice of natural yarns, attention to details, precision in production, handcraft methods and the use of precious materials as Cashmere, Silk, Lurex, Cotton, Linen.

FINAEST.COM chose Cornucopia because is 100% Made in Italy by using handcraft methods and precious materials, and because it proposes simple items to make women feel sober and elegant at the same time.