Emanuela Caruso creates unique and retro style sandals which come from her creativity and constant research.

These products are handmade by skilled craftsmen from Campania, a southern Region of Italy, where traditions maintain their strenght, but living together with innovation. The vintage atmosphere, precious leather and refined jewels characterize each shoe as a real work of art, making a typical product of Capri Island be fashionable, modern and precious.

The most advanced processing techniques of jewellery's application and the vintage inspiration allowed Emanuela Caruso to create his own brand at the service of all those women who not only look for beauty and elegance, but also desire the uniqueness of traditions and craftmanship.

Capri is indubitably the muse of the designer, who grew in the shadow of the cliffs, falling in love with the colors of this the magical island, fulfilling the dream of putting them into her creations. Emanuela Caruso’s creations reflect the colors, flavors, views and style that have always been breathed on the island.

Each sandal is realized entirely by hand. Style, elegance, Made in Italy and passion are combined together with the high quality of materials, which are chosen carefully by the designer herself. As it happens in the best fairy tales, the leather soles meet precious fabrics, Svarosvsky crystals, semiprecious stones and coral branches to make something incredible.

Finaest has chosen Emanuela Caruso because her sandals have a distinctly strong, unique, highly sought soul, which characterize the real Italian style.

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