Eredi Chiarini is a luxury brand specialised in high quality clothes and accessories for men who want to be elegant and original at the same time.

It’s been a long time since Chiarini family started their history in man’s clothing. Grandmother Gennì stablished a fabric store in Florence in 1894 and her grandsons Marco and Andrea grow up in this store surrounded by beautiful fabrics and tailors. Once they finished their studies, they immediately started to work hard and full of enthusiasm in the family. In 1970 they create their style signature Eredi Chiarini and opened their own fashion store in Florence. Reaching for quality and artisans nearby Florence, they started to design and produce jackets, shirts, trousers and suits mixed with English accessories as ties, bags, umbrellas, hats and shoes. They travelled all around the world to enrich their style and reach the perfect cut and the perfect match and nowadays they continue to do it to refresh their style day by day. Dedicated and constant research in fabrics and materials are essential for making fascinating items.

Their passion for tailored garments, passed down from generation to generation, drives them to constantly look for the best laboratories and artisans, masters of the made in Italy. Their aim is to collaborate with small firms that produce entirely and truly in Italy, paying a peculiar attention to specialized districts as: tailors in Napoli and Parma, shoes in Marche e Umbria, silk and cachemire in Como, leather in Tuscany and so on. They design their products together with the artisans to improve quality and details in order to make a comfortable, unique and up to date item.

Eredi Chiarini searches for high quality and the chance to tailor products into Italian-British style.

FINAEST.COM has chosen Eredi Chiarini because it realise 100% Made in Italy products by using high quality materials and handcraft methods.