At a time when centuries of experience in the pharmaceutical field meet passion and attention to the well-being of the body and the person, the range of high-quality cosmetics GAELIS - Laboratori Gallo DeMichelis is born. This bond, like any chemical bond that regulates all the elements that surround us, is marked by the continuos search for a balance between timeless elegance and the effectiveness of active ingredients present in all products. A balance that becomes the heart button of this new line, capable of expressing the need to take care of oneself and to be enveloped by quality through a refined style.

Gaelis takes all its strength from experience in the field and experimentation in the laboratory, which is why the research and attention paid to cutting-edge products are the foundations of the high quality that characterizes each formula, designed to get the most out benefit from the intrinsic properties of the selected elements. With a scientific method, it wants to combine bases characterized by an exceptional touch with innovative and extraordinarily effective active ingredients, which redefine the contours of the face by canceling the signs of aging, reducing wrinkles and expression lines; new substances that act on the relaxation of the breasts and the inside of the arms and reshape the body; vegetable moisturizers plant extracts and marine active ingredients that have an anti-aging effect and strengthen the skin's natural defense.