The Hibourama brand was created by Rachele Mancini and Maila Ferlisi who after studying fashion and fulfilling work experiences in Italy and abroad, decided to become entrepreneurs by offering an accessory's fashionable line updated to present-day trends, made of products realized in prestigious materials and most of all entirely “Made in Italy”. Started in 2011 with their “Hibou” brand and after two years of research and fashion experiments, today they bring you their “Hibourama” collection.

“Hibourama” is a new brand presented today on the market and it offers you a new line of luxurious and high quality bags and accessories, characterized by design and manufacture worthy of the best Italian high fashion brands, with which it deems to confront itself with no fear and among which it will successfully prove itself.

The interest and appreciation towards the first “Hibou” brand can only grow stronger and consolidate itself with the evolution of the “Hibourama” products, which one may admire already in the first “still life” moments of the “cherie” bag- first creation of the collection.


The designers have always been strongly connected to the “hand-made in Italy” concept, so they created a leather laboratory in which they still continue experimenting and producing their collections with the help of expert handcraftmen.

The Hibourama laboratory is a further element that guarantees a production process which is very meticulous in terms of quality and that has the power to offer customized products for its most demanding clients.


Hibourama creations maintain a traditional and elegant style which, thanks to bold details as embroideries and chains, make Hibourama accessories a “must have” product to be worn in all occasions.

Finaest.com has chosen Hibourama because of the innate elegance of its products, characterized by vitaminic colors and prints, representing what women want when it comes to bags.

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