The tale starts on a crisp November evening in 2013, as Erika Lamperti burns late into the night etching out shoes drawn from the ether of her dreams. Next door, her brother Federico works by the luminescence of a computer screen, bringing depth and body to the designs with his renderings.

The catalyst behind her first inklings was born from an innate need to materialise a type of shoe that had been clawing at Erika’s imagination for years. Intangible visions of heels and wedges, crafted with the finest fabrics and made with maniacal attention to details and techniques. Spurred on and supported by a tightly-knit troupe since the beginning, the dreams of these siblings began to manifest themselves.

Distinctly bold in design and inspired by ancient myths and tales, the siblings were intently focused on identifying and working with small and specialised family-run establishments. Only craftsmen who abstained from modern methods in lieu of an authentic artistry achievable solely through generations in the trade would be able to pull off such a feat. Lamperti Milano found its producers in the regions of Lombardy and Marche in Italy, areas renowned for being at the apex of shoe production. Given its limited production volume as well as an established and intimate rapport, Lamperti Milano was privileged enough to create a product with an exquisitely piercing level of quality. Time and again, these master-craftsmen rose to meet every ambitious challenge set forth by the siblings.

Today, you may catch a pair of Lamperti Milano shoes as they grace the floors of the red carpet in Hollywood to the cobbled streets of London. Though you may think this is tale of legend, one thing remains certain: any woman wearing Lamperti Milano will embody elegance and class of a bygone era - an era capable of transcending time and reinvigorating the simply sublime union between impassioned craftsmanship and unprecedented innovation

FINAST.COM chose LAMPERTI MILANO because its collections show and hide symbols and emotions which come alive, merging artistry with knowledge. Moreover, the production is 100% Made in Italy in order to offer the best to its demanding customers.