Mantico is a way of being. Dynamic and eclectic, a practical dreamer, a man or a woman who lives the life to the fullest; those are the main features of MANTICO world. It combines pure “italianity” with inspirations coming from different cultures; here they create the right balance between “Made in Italia” and multicultural mood. They create 100% Made in Italy bags and accessories with the features of a tailoring garment thanks to a unique elegance, a high craftsmanship level and great quality fabrics and materials. Unisex, but distinctive; comfortable, but extremely roomy; simple, but with great attention to details. 

Mantico means “bag” in latin: in their philosophy it represents an imaginary space to store all the experiences and which allows you to express yourself in anytime.

Mantico in 7 letters, 7 shades…7 lives

METROPOLITAN: He lives the town and he is part of it. He takes inspiration from all its sources. 

ARTIST: He has a strong artistic flair, always experimenting new art expressions that reflect in his style. The need for creation strikes him daily. 

NEW PROFESSIONAL: During his professional slots, he expresses himself with an understated elegance, always distinguished by some unique detail, but never invasive. 

TRENDY: At times he dares with his look to feel in harmony with his style. 

INTERNATIONAL GLOBETROTTER: He has always traveled, he travels and he will never stop traveling. He loves being on the move with the bare minimum but he never neglects his style. 

CYCLIST: He travels by bike or motorbike, between city and countryside. He is a free spirit. 

OUTDOOR ADDICTED: He enjoys the outdoors and its contaminations. He loves the elegant comfort, which is his innate strength.