Valentino Mazzoleni’s fine craftsmanship began to take shape in 1958, after years passed alongside Dante Trussardi, grandfather of the famous stylist.

Since then, the elegance of the young artisan’s touch has been enchanting haute couture fashion designers and brands which see a perfect combination between utility and beauty in his creations and recognise unique professionalism as the result of great taste, competence and quality.

Today, more than 50 years after, the great handcraft tradition of Mazzoleni Gloves makers continues thanks to the son Luigi and the grandson Valentino, the new and talented interpreters of the brand, now synonym of excellence and style all over the world.


True art accepts no compromises. Mazzoleni artisans are proud of the fact they have never lowered the level of products' quality to increase the entire production "because what can be done by hand must not be done by machines”. Every product reflects this philosophy and the artist's touch makes each piece absolutely unique.


"Nothing emerges by chance, least of all Art". This is exactly what there is behind Mazzoleni gloves: from the selection of the very best leathers and the in-depth knowledge of processes to the extreme care of productive methods, each Mazzoleni glove comes from a unique creative process which is always enhanced by the personal touch of the artisan. This makes each product a truly unique item and a real expression of elegance and class.


"Made in Italy" has long inspired and evoked beauty, grace and class. There is almost an unhealthily close connection between the result of the artistic Italian knowhow and its territory…the land, people who live there and their traditions are the greatest muses for the creators of BelPaese. Mazzoleni Gloves 1958 makes no exception: every creation reflects its physical and spiritual contact with the family's origins, instilling all the products with history and emotion. Bergamo and its people, with their important artisanal tradition, workmanship and values, have always been the first source of inspiration for both the creative and productive process.

FINAEST.COM chose MAZZOLENI GLOVES 1958 for its strong tradition, quality and believes.