Oscalito is a name which evokes exotical origins, but actually it is an acronym - OSvaldo, CAsalini, LIno, TOrino - that tells the Italian story of a family, a city and a great passion for the fashion field passed on through generations. This story started at the beginning  of the 1930s in Turin, where Osvaldo e Lino Casalini gave birth to the production of cotton and whool textiles. In 1936, they established the brand Oscalito that, since then, has been designed and created men and women underwear and knitwear collections entirely realized in Italy and by using only high quality natural fibers.

After the painful War period, the two brothers saved and recovered their textile machines in a building upon the river Po and continued their production with the same enthusiasm of the past. The laboratory became always bigger and the raw materials were always more selected and refined.

The following generation, represented by Lino’s sons Arrigo and Andrea, continued the production. While Arrigo were studying to become a lawyer and preparing himself to enter the family company to cure the commercial aspect, Andrea became a textile expert and graduated at the College of Textile Art and Technology of Leicester. After his return to Turin, he began to make experiments by using wild textile machines and new yarns, and managed to expand the range of products. The orders increased very fast, and the brand began to be known also abroad and particularly requested from USA.

Although the increasing of the production in a society already globalized, the business policy of Oscalito has always remained the same and distinguishes it from many other brands. In fact, Casalini Family has always wanted to mantain a supply chain entirely Made in Italy. From the creation of the model to the finished product, passing through all the weaving and finishing phases, all the production takes place into the factory in Turin, where skilled Italian artisans realized  400.000 items per year; among these, a small part is especially created for Italian Excellence brands which dress stars like Cameron Diaz and Mick Jagger. Although the great entity of the production and exportation, Oscalito continue to avail itself of tradional machines which work expressly slow and a small number of expert handcraftmen to create high quality products and exalt the characterstics of the yarns, donating the right equilibrium between softness and malleability.

Finally, the latest participations of the brand to the most rapresentative international events were the opportunity to introduce the third generation of Casalini Family to the knowledge and pleasure for high quality Italian fashion field and to teach them the enthusiasm to front the new international markets.  The brand has also been featured on many important journals like Muine Magazine, La Stampa, Intimo Retail, Linea Intima.


The product Oscalito is a guarantee of elegance, quality, creativity and professionality Made in Italy, and it is realized respecting the environment and using only natural fibers.

The style of Oscalito is made by its details: particular, sober, refined but never over the top. From the first models of exquisite women underwear knits created by Elsa Casalini and realized in tubular ribb, silk, taffetà and laces, to the colorful and unisex 1970s T-Shirts very requested in USA, the elegance of Oscalito has been developed until the last products launched on the market, result of years of experiments and innovative combination of textiles to create collections pleasant to wear and show.
Two collections per year which, following the last season tendences, propose precious wool&silk or cashmere undercoats, iperfeminine knits with silk and lace inserts and finishings to wear during your nights out; but also small cotton cardigans, navy pulls for casual occasions and jersey models, soft and sensual like lingerie, to wear during summer.


Since the birth of the company, the choice of Oscalito has been to use only precious natural fibers, whether with ancient origins or high technological, but always hand-woven and refined by treatments that  respect the environment and have the wealth of customers as their main purpose.

People have to give themselves a second skin, the most confortable and versatile possible, which can allow them to control humidity and offer them thermic isolation. The natural fibers are a guarantee of termoregulation because they are alive and react to the external environment exactly as in nature, absorbing and releasing warm and water wapor. On the contrary, syntethic fibers are not able to abrsorb anything, so humidity can’t be transferred and stays over the skin.

Oscalito has chosen to use, both in 100% versions and mixed into innovative creations, the following fibers: Cashmere, Pure Makò Cotton/Termotex and Pure Egyptian Cotton, that facilitate body transpiration and are very enjoyable on the skin; Pure Silk, the base of Oscalito Organza, dyed in factories in Como and very precious and resistant; Pure Merino Wool, australian extrafine wool with extreme softness, perfect for the most sensitive skin; Sea island Cotton, born in Perù and carried to Caribbean Islands, very famous for softness and brilliance; Micromodal, obtained by beechwood cellulose mixed with Lycra or Elastam.


Oscalito wants to be a symbol of responsible and eco-friendly fashion. For this reason, it uses only natural fibers and selects with attention materials, partners and suplliers which distinguish themselves for innovation, quality, social and environmental sustainability .

Oscalito guarantees etical and environmental certification, the reuse and recover of materials, the choise of geographically near suppliers to reduce the impact of transports (KM0 approach) and, moreover, is totally cruelty-free.

Finaest.com has chosen Oscalito because it is simply the perfect brand to represent the values of Made in Italy: it is traditional and innovative at the same time; uses only high quality raw materials; mixes artisanal handcraft methods with the best latest technologies; respects the environments and the animals. All this is made to create precious and wonderful items to wear with joy and elegance.

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