Panizza has been making the best hats in the world since 1879, the year of its foundation, thanks to Giovanni Panizza, the head of a long dynasty of expert Italian hatters. When Giovanni Panizza retired to private life, he left the business to his friend and partner Natale Gamba, whose children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have continued to successfully run the hat factory.

Over the years, they have wanted to keep the great manufacturing and artisanal skills, learned since the beginning and still pride and symbol of the company. 

Felt, a mixture of fur or wool appropriately treated, has always been the real star, skilfully hand-crafted by the master hatters of Panizza factory. At the beginning, felt was made into the factory on the shores of Lago Maggiore, which today is the home of the Hat Museum. Today, however, the work is carried out in Montevarchi, in Tuscany.


Each Panizza hat is unique, exactly like each of us. When a person choose a hat, the first thing to remember is that there is always a perfect model for every shape and kind of face, designed to be harmonized with the person’s features.

A hat is not only an accessory but a real item of clothing, capable of bestowing elegance, personality and originality. A hat can complete a look, exalt it or renew it; it can enhance the posture, attract attention and give a different appearance depending on the different models. 

A hat is a detail of style that becomes a protagonist, just as the Man and Woman who wear Panizza are protagonists of their lives: they love to travel and prove themselves; they love sophistication and luxury with a hint of adventure.

FINAEST.COM has chosen PANIZZA because is one of the top traditional Italian brands. Panizza's hats are a rarity for real hats lovers and this small handcraft firm has always distinguished itself for its high quality productive methods and its valuable materials.