Peninsula Swimwear is the new project of Edoardo Pasolini dall'Onda and Federico Sartori Naccarato.

They propose a swimsuit line that celebrates the aesthetic ideal of the 60s and 70s, the epic period of La Dolce Vita, a unique season for Italy that states Italian lifestyle as an aspirational ideal. The production ensures the excellence of Italian quality for both, materials and workmanship details.

Peninsula Swimwear proposes models with elastic or button, created using the laser print technique applied to different materials: microfiber, linen, cotton and corduroy. Colors and patterns evoke the charm of the most famous holiday resorts: the wild nature of Stromboli and Isola Rossa, Amalfi and its amazing majolica.
Finally, the packaging is an handmade wicker caskets, making Peninsula Swimwears also a great gift idea.

Dream and refinement, sublimated in the flying fish, the brand logo. Classicism out of time.