Blue 100%Extrafine Wool Slim-Fit Blazer


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This Blue 100%Extrafine Wool Slim-Fit Blazer created by Santaniello will take your sartorial swagger to bold new heights.

Superbly crafted in Italy with the best Extrafine Wool and tailored in every single detail, this blazer represents a luxurious cold-season staple. 

Refined and prestigious, it is perfect for business meetings as well for parties and dinners with friends.

Ideal to be worn with classical shirts and wool trousers.

Match it with Santaniello Waistcoats and Trousers, Santillo Shirts and Green George Shoes to make a flawless impression.



- Color: Herringbone Blue

- Material: 100% Extrafine Wool

- Botton Fastening

- Notch Lapels

- Pockets: Two front patch / One chest welt / Two Interior 

- Buttoned Cuffs

- Double Vent

- Lined Sleeves

- Slim-Fit

- Care: Dry Washing

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-5 working daysFREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada

Brand History

Born in 1968 in Salerno as a family business combining the tailoring skills of Biagio Santaniello and the tradition of trousers-sewing of his wife Carmela, Sartoria Santaniello specialized in the menswear tailoring, soon acquiring the basis for a solid business development. The son Antonio realized this aim combining the inherited passion, the knowledge of an industry where he has literally grown up, the willing to learn and the predisposition to search for something new, which is an essential feature for any evolution.

Antonio got a field training approaching to the product under the supervision of the managing commercial Giuseppe Bianchi, who got him used to travel, educated his knowledge and refined his taste already well configured. From observer, Antonio brought progressively his contributions, reaching full mastery and autonomy in just a few years of apprenticeship.

During the early 90s Antonio Santaniello developed his first production, that was an immediate success, revealing a well defined artistic personality in tailoring. The secret is all in the creative approach of Antonio, starting from collecting of the inspirations and structuring a real system of extra- fashion ever-deepening. From the design to the furniture, from the upholstery to the art of ceramics and the latest trends in technology. Each inspiration is elaborated and translated into a tissue, a shape, a match. Each input becomes creative impulse spreading into aspects which arise from the perspective of the moment. chose Santaniello because it produces luxurious items and it is characterized by a multifaceted fashion looking around 360°, absorbing ideas from various sectors, reflecting the various worlds with which it comes into contact.

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