We're faced with choices every day of our life. Head or heart? Rationality or irrationality?
We can often spend our entire existence stuck in limbo between these eternal struggles, but isn't it great step outside your comfort zone once in a while? Discover something that is better than you could have ever imagined? Experience something new and think "Why didn't I do this before?".
Well, this is exactly what happened to the Virum guys. They made the decision to believe in a dream, a philosophy, a passion and they abandoned their comfort zone.
They are Filippo Galoppi and Piero Lauro.
Let's start by introducing themselves – to give you a sense of who they are, their origins and why they strongly believe in bringing back the concept of 'Made in Naples' elegance.
They were born in Italy in two different regions, both united by a rich artistic, historical and culinary heritage that defines them still today: Tuscany and Campania.
They followed different paths.
Piero Lauro is an expert in digital and creative marketing specialising in the sartorial sector.
Filippo Galoppi defines himself as being somewhere between a modern tailor and an image consultant.
Yet from an early age they've shared the same passion: fashion. And when you have a genuine passion, you find a way to follow it – even if there are many obstacles in the way.
When they first met they never imagined their friendship would result in a professional collaboration, but their shared passion soon led the way and made it happen.
Right from the start, they were certain: they would create a product that fully reflects their love for fashion without sacrificing tradition.
This is how their label was born: VIRUM.
Along with the brand came their mission: bring the style and elegance of traditional Neapolitan tailoring to an international audience, and yet combine it with new, contemporary styling.
Their clients – who they've had the pleasure of collaborating with on an international scale – are entrepreneurs, sports managers, ex-footballers, iconic tailors and world-famous bloggers who love a tailored aesthetic but seek bespoke door-to-door service due to their busy schedules.