YOU KHANGA is a project that combines two distant cultures - AFRICAN LIFE & ITALIAN STYLE - a merger of the mysticism and romance of Africa with the experience and excellence of Italian footwear craftsmen. The YOU KHANGA sandals and slippers collection was born in Kenya, where the khanga materials are worked providing top quality fabrics that give a ‘one of a kind’ character. Then, the fabrics are sent to Italy and crafted to create unique items. The results are ‘one off’ products which are intrinsically different, because each khanga is unique and can’t be recreated.


A khanga can be everything in equatorial Africa. First and foremost, it’s a printed rectangular shaped piece of material in bright colours and decorated with sentences, proverbs, and good-wishing riddles written in the Swahili language. For Kenyan women it’s also a lifestyle: they transform and use the khanga as a dress or a head-dress and it also can be used to carry children on someone’s back or decorate houses.


Every YOU KHANGA product is unique for a simple reason: no khanga is equal to another, similar but not identical. Every item has a personal identity. Mass production does not exist in Kenya; therefore each shoe will be cut in a different point of the cloth, making each pair unique – even for a small detail. has chosen You Khanga because of its contribution to the development of the local population. In fact, the small khanga bags are produced by hand on location and part of the profits of the YOU KHANGA creations will be invested in charity projects dedicated to women and children of Kenya. With the first collection, spring-summer 2014, donations will be given to the ASANTE SANA ROBERTO CHILDREN’S HOME, an orphanage in Mambrui.