ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA 1904 Eau De Cologne n° 9


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EAU DE COLOGNE N°9 is a luxurious and artisanal beauty product by Antica Barbieria Colla 1904, the most famous and oldest barber shop in Milan, well known for its prestige and traditions, and widely recommended by its Italian and international clientele.

A refined and timeless composition which opens with the soft notes of Sandalwood, a tribute to the past which reveals all its majesty and elegance in this fragrance. Then, accents of Lily of the Valley and Geranium anticipate the richness of enveloping Musk and Vanilla. A climax of emotions which goes on with the warm Petitgrain which complete this masterpiece. 

Use this Eau de Cologne together with other Antica Barbieria Colla 1904 Beauty Products to take care of yourself in the best way.



- Made in Italy

Volume: 100 ml (3.4 fl. oz)

- Container: Glass (VE)

- Comes with the classical Barberia Colla box (perfect as a gift idea).

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-5 working days

Brand History

Antica Barbieria Colla, owned by Franco Bompieri, is the most famous and oldest barber shop in Milan. It is known for its prestige and tradition and widely recommended by its Italian and international clientele. Founded by Dino Colla in 1904, the barber shop is the place to get hair, beard and mustaches treatments as well as to meet famous people. Well known political figures as well as show business people are regular customers:in a few words, an extremely attractive and sought after place to be at.

Located in the old and picturesque setting of Via Gerolamo Morone, in the heart of Milan close to La Scala, the shop retains the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century. To get a shaving or a mustaches and hair cut at the Barbershop means an essential experience for many Milan dwellers, a tradition to pass on to their children in a setting that evokes the past, thanks to the vintage furnishings and accessories exposed around. When yo enter the store, you have the impression of travelling through time into a world where the attention to the customer and care for details are sacred and inviolable values.

Shaving at the Barbershop is a ritual of great charm: a warm cloth, pre-shave creams, animal hair brushes, razor blades that caress the skin without irritating it, other creams, other cloths, and enormous attention during all phases of the process.


The products used at the shop are created especially for skin treatments. They are prepared following an ancient tradition passed on from owner to owner.

Up to a short time ago, such products were used in the Barbershop primarily. The strong demand by customers and friends motivated Francesca Bompieri, Franco’s daughter, to make her marketing experience with the creation of an exclusive line of products for hair and face called “Antica Barbieria Colla”.

The products now introduced are the answer for customer needs and expectations, analysed in many years of experience. Nothing has been left to coincidence: the choice of colors, the wrapping materials – which, in the final stages of production, are prepared one by one – and finally the wraps, designed in collaboration with selected Italian companies known for their quality.

The products and fragrances are created basing on the original recipes: herbal conditioners, shampoos with egg and rum, aftershaves with apricot hull and soaps with sweet almond oil cream are a real sensorial experience.

Six lines of shampoos for different types of bulbs, a lotion for massaging the skin, a soothing after-shave, an ultra softening balm, the soap and travel soap. These were the first products launched on the market; the beginning of a continue research to make the product line larger and able to satisfy the needs of each kind of beard and hair.

FINAEST.COM has chosen Antica Barbieria Colla to ensure that the traditions of its history lives because it preserves the craft and the art of its founder and perpetuates with passion the old tradition of hair care and shaving. 

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