ESPRESSO NEVER DIES White Pin-point Cotton Shirt


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At you can find an exclusive Camiceria Santillo 1970 collection which takes inspiration from Santillo S/S 1986 Catalogue.

This Shirt is a real cult: it is Handmade in Italy with the Pin-Point fabric, a textile which derives from the Oxford Cotton and reprents its elegant and prestigious version.

This model is the maximum expression of the typical Neapolitan Formal Fit, with its British character combined with the distinctive Italian collar.

The Australian mother-of-pearl buttons are applied by hand with the “lily stitching” technique. A peculiar detail by Santillo is the sleeve stitching, that is not in line with the side seam because the sleeve is sewn only after the side has been closed. This step is unique and can be done only by the skilled hands of expert artisans. Finally, the ironing and the folding are made by hand too. 

Wear this fashionable shirt with Green George Shoes, Santaniello Trousers and Fumagalli Accessories to create a complete outfit.



- Color and Material: White / Pin-Point Cotton

Hand-cut and sewn in Italy

-  Italian Collar with Two Buttons

- Australian mother-of-pearl buttons

- Formal Fit

DELIVERY: At your home in 7-10 working days (due to the Artisanal Process)FREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada.

Brand History

Camiceria Santillo was founded in 1970 as the result of a strong passion for handmade shirt which has been handed down from generation to generation. Nowadays the company's aim is to preserve the ancient tailoring tradition and properly for this reason Santillo 1970 is still a family-run business: in addition to the founder and tailor Angela, her daughter (Annaluce), two sons (Saverio and Gennaro), two embroiderers and three cutters and pattern makers cooperate to create Santillo "Masterpiece" Shirts. The value of their hard+ and precious work has been recently highlighted by the prestigious "Monsieur" magazine.

Santillo 1970 produces bespoke as well as ready-to-wear products which are completely hand-made and stand out for their fit high-end fabric and the High Italian Craftmanship

At you can find an exclusive collection which takes inspiration from Santillo S/S 1986 Catalogue. These models, collars and fabrics have been accurately reproduced only changing the spinning count, that once was “single spun” and today is “two ply”, in order to highlight the quality and brightness of linen and poplin fabrics' colours.

The hand-cut and hand-restitched shirts are characterized by 4mm asymmetric sterling Australian mother-of-pearl buttons and the variety of buttons' shape itself brings out the hand-made sewing of every single button).

Once the sides have been sewn, the restitching of the armhole is realized with a famous method known as Santillo's punto a barchetta, in order to enhance the fabric's softness and strenght in the most stressed point of the shirt. chose Camiceria Santillo because, after 43 years, its workshop is still as it was in 1970, offering the same high quality and being modern and updated at the same time.

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