GIANLUCA GALLO PANAREA Unisex Camo Suede Slippers


These luxurious Camo Slippers by Gianluca Gallo are synonymous of Italian quality and craftmanship.

They are characterized by Italian careful workmanship, selection of the best materials and attention to latest styles and trends, which make them the inseparable companions for a class man or woman who chooses the high quality without renouncing design and comfort.


- Enterely Handmade in Italy

- More than 200 manual steps and 4 hours of workmanship for each pair of shoes

- Genuine leather summer sole

- Camo suede upper quality by Mastrotto

- Best comfort thanks to our shape and insole latex

- Tassel hand sewn

- Hell Height: 2 cm

DELIVERY: At your home in 7-10 working days