Italian Clothing

What associations come to your mind when you hear “Italian clothing”? Beautiful ready-to-wear fashion shows during the Milan fashion week, great variety of brands, stylish people walking on the streets of Italian cities (like Milan, Rome, Florence), Maybe you also think about the Italian movie stars of the 60s and 70s who looked gorgeous and who made the Italian pret-a-porter famous? Anyway whatever of these things comes to your mind you are right. Because Italian clothing is all about being chic, glamorous, very well made, beautiful and of the best quality. Italian people have the love of fashion in their blood. As you know, the Italian clothing manufacture has a lot of traditions behind it that are respected nowadays and thoroughly carried through the years as part of the Italian heritage. The Italian people, despite their fiery characters, have a lot of patience and are able to spend hours and hours in the workshops doing one thing. When you take a Made in Italy garment in your hands you feel the passion it was made with, you imagine the number of hours dedicated to it and you percept the know-how hidden behind this piece of fashion.  Another big topic to open is the materials the Italian clothing is made with. Fine silks, transparent cotton, smooth wools, tender leather. The secret formula of the Italian clothing that makes it unique is: the power of nature, tradition, hard work and the innate sense of style. FINAEST.COM researches for the best quality products and makes its customers understand the values of the Made in Italy clothing.


Traditional Italian clothing opens an enormously big topic for discussion. Not only the Italian men and women are famous for their sense of style and fashion, but also for the elegance and the quality of the clothes they wear. The beauty of the concept of the traditional Made in Italy clothing consists in the fact that the garments are entirely produced in one country: from the yarns to the fabric; from the elaboration of the materials to the final product. The silk used for creating elegant shirts, skirts, dresses, ties and other accessories may come from the Como lake area, when the leather used for making shoes, bags, belts and a lot of other beautiful things may come from the Sothern regions like Prato and the Marche. FINAEST is proud to make part of the retail chain of the traditional Italian clothing brands because we love Made in Italy and we want to make the traditions related to Italian fashion and the variety of Italian clothing live. The website cherishes the labels (often started as small Italian as family businesses) that have always been focused on producing specific things for many years, such as Santillo (that creates beautiful Italian shirts), Fumagalli 1891 (elegant Italian ties), Francesco Maglia 1854 (fantastic luxury Made in Italy umbrellas), Grignola 1966 (top-quality leather bags and accessories). Such brands often have the year of their foundation indicated in their name in order to emphasize their heritage. In a world that is overloaded with fast fashion and cheap production, it is important to be able to distinguish the real quality.