Italian fashion

One of the most well knows things for which the beautiful Italy is known for is the Italian fashion. Its fame had spread all over the world long time ago when the Fontana sisters created the wedding dress for the American actress Linda Cristian in 1949. According to the books about the history of fashion, this is when the world starts going crazy for the Italian taste and capability of creating the clothing and starts to order the fabrics from Italy in order to be able to produce something similar. In that period a lot of brands that have become incredibly famous and profitable nowadays were starting their paths in the world of fashion as either small ateliers or specialized work shops . The list of the most famous Italian fashion designers is way too long and every year new names are emerging on the fashion scene. Getting amazingly inspired by the heritage of the Italian fashion, on one hand, FINAEST.COM realizes a thorough research of the new interesting Italian brands of men’s and women’s ready to wear and accessories in order to promote the new prominent names and to stay up-to-date with the new entrees into the fashion world. On the other hand we care a lot about giving sufficient attention to the classical and traditional Made in Italy brands that make top quality products and offer a great mix of luxury style and the fashion heritage in coherence with the best traditions of the Made in Italy. The Italian fashion is a very large topic also because the Italians are very good at creating and producing a great variety of product categories. From shoes to belts, from shirts to earrings and hats.