Italian Shirts

Probably the main garment of the wardrobe of an Italian man is a shirt, an Italian shirt. Have you ever noticed how Italian gentlemen always manage to look elegant? Whether they are sitting in the shadow of the umbrella on the beach on a cloudy day, or going to lunch break during the workweek. What is their secret method to maintain their elegance and style? The truth and the answer stay in the basics: they wear shirts. They wear them plain, with stripes, with squares, made of different kinds of cotton, silk and flax. In order to respect the business dress code they wear them with a tie and a jacket, they play with the mix of materials and colors and they have fun styling them. The most chic dandies often love using cufflinks as an additional accessory to their shirt. When they’re casual they can wear a linen shirt with shorts and moccasins and turn on the vacation mood. Such universal garment requires hours of manufacture and craft, especially if it’s a handmade Italian shirt, such as those that you can find at FINAEST.COM. The things that make a high-quality shirt stand out are the details like the collar, the cuffs, the buttons and of course the overall quality of the material and the fit. The right shirt is able to create miracles. Not only it becomes a gentleman’s second skin, it also never makes him forget his manners and his comfort.

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