Italian Shoes

The Italian shoes are something your eye is able to notice right away. When you see a stylish  Italian gentleman you can be sure he knows pretty much about the shoes. Moccasins, loafers, leathers, boots, monkstraps – there is also a big variety of the shoe-style names (which a dapper should know) There are certain rules of wearing the Italian shoes too. For example, a gentleman who wants to be always elegant should know that you should never wear white socks with any shoes but the sneakers. For all the other types of footwear choose either the invisible low-socks or if you want to be extravagant then go for some interesting colorful and creative socks with prints and patterns. A lot of people say that shoes can reveal something about the person’s character and our shoe-choices are often unconscious. Anyway, whether it is true or not you can always go for a pair of Italian shoes to be sure they will be of the best quality and you will have them for a long time.  Italian shoes have a long tradition behind them. A lot of footwear brands that are famous worldwide were starting as small and modest workshops. The values that they all had in common and that leaded them to success were: hardworking, passion, respect for the traditions, loyalty and top quality. FINAEST.COM cherishes these traditions and offers the brands with the finest shoe making know-how for its clients.


It is very interesting to discover the secrets of the shoes made in Italy. Italian manufacture has a lot of traditions regarding the shoes production.  The areas with the biggest number of shoe-factories are: Marche, Prato and Naples area. A lot of workers and artisans dedicate their lives exclusively to the shoe making and know everything about it. They study the whole process: from drawing of the shoe to making it perfect and fit the foot in the best way. Just like the workers of Miserocchi, the traditional Made in Italy shoe brand that creates fine moccasins and driving shoes using the best possible leather. Their driving shoes were beloved by Gianni Agnelli, the famous Italian entrepreneur who was the principal shareholder at FIAT. Now you can shop these shoes at FINAEST.COM. The process of shoemaking requires hours of work and concentration but the final product is totally worth it. Made in Italy shoes are famous for being both comfortable and beautiful. Men and women have always preferred the Italian quality  when making their shoe-choices. Some people say that you can wear whatever you want but your shoes should be of a good quality because it is probably the most important accessory especially for a fashion-lover.