Italian Ties

The Italian ties have often been seen as pretty classical accessories. But it’s not always true. A real dapper knows that a tie can be used as a fun detail, which is able to upgrade your look and make it a lot more interesting. It may make you look more serious or more creative and playful. A tie is actually a very personalized piece of a man’s wardrobe and it tells a lot about its owner. Italians know it very well and prefer paying quite a lot of attention to this accessory. Have you heard anything about the traditional Neapolitan way of folding a tie from an entire piece of fabric without making any cuts or stitches? There is definitely something ot learn about. You can use all of your imagination to chose the width of your tie, the fabric, the pattern. Do you want to wear a sophisticated narrow cotton tie with a smart-casual jacket? Or you prefer staying elegant and choosing silk ties? Would you like it “a pois” or with a paisley pattern on it? When it comes to make a styling decision regarding a tie there is always a great variety of choice, not talking about the ways in which it is possible to tie it. Will it be a simple four-in-hand? A glamorous half-Windsor? Or maybe a classical Prince Albert knot applied to a casual type of a tie? It’s up to you to decide the style and the combination but remember to chose an Italian tie, because of its outstanding quality. At FINAEST.COM you will find such traditional tie brands as Fumagalli 1891 and Dolcepunta. The use of best materials and the incomparable know how is guaranteed.

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