KATE Gold and Green with Malacca Handle Umbrella

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Add a chic and sophisticated touch to a gloomy day with the KATE UMBRELLA, exclusively created for FINAEST.COM by Francesco Maglia 1854.

With its Gold and Green colors this umbrella will become a shiny accessory to keep you dry and chic during your days and nights out.

Featuring a Malacca Wood Handle, this model is a quintessential classical umbrella. It is completely Hand-Made in Italy basing on the highest standards and realized with more than 70 steps.

Moreover, handmade umbrellas by Francesco Maglia are heirlooms that can easily last longer than a generation and they are the perfect  luxury and unique gift for your friends and relatives.

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- Handmade in Italy

- Lady dimesions: Lenght 87,5 cm - Diameter 87 cm.

- Materials: 100% Polyester / 100% Natural Wood-Malaisya 

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-5 working days. FREE SHIPPING to EuropeUSA and Canada.       


Brand History

Few umbrellas' manufacturers are left in Europe and even fewer craft their masterpieces completely by hand in more than 70 steps of manufacturing. Francesco Maglia and his fifth-generation company based in Milano is one of these and has been creating some of the finest handmade umbrellas in the world since 1854.

Nowadays Francesco Maglia still manufactures hand-craft umbrellas using the best high-quality materials and artisanal methods. The designer realizes classic-style umbrellas in English Style, both in plain colors or patterned (such as pin-stripes, tartan or regimental stripes); at the same time, the company is constantly looking for new fabrics and patterns. 

Finally, this brand's peculiarity is the creation of solid stick umbrellas with different size frames realized by using a variety of woods (such as chestnut, malacca, hazelnut, ash, cherrywood, maple and hickory). chose Francesco Maglia 1854 because its proper handcrafted umbrellas are heirlooms that can easily last longer than a generation. Moreover, all the umbrellas on our website are Limited Edition items which are exclusively created for us.

"Today our customers see, understand, and appreciate our umbrellas because they show our tradition and are considered a masterpiece of classic elegance and refinement"

Francesco Maglia 

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