LUDOVICO MARABOTTO REGINALD Black Leather/Regimental Weekend Bag


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Ludovico Marabotto is the high-end Italian luggage brand that combines a perfect blend of functionality and elegance with technology and craftsmanship. The design, leathers, fabrics and production are all strictly Italian and entrusted to master craftsmen.

The Reginald weekend bags are versatile travel bags characterised by a high-performance and recognisable design, and by the originality and elegance that is typical of Ludovico Marabotto products, in perfect Italian taste.

Thanks to the special insertion system, the MB8® garment holder fits perfectly into the bag creating a single piece of luggage. This solution optimises the internal spaces and volumes to better accommodate one's personal effects. The bag features a double handle as well as a shoulder strap. Each detail is the result of a careful selection of materials that guarantees maximum quality and durability.


- Handmade in Italy

- Color & Material: Black Italian genuine leather 

- Misures: 22 x 33 x 55 cm (Cabin size)

- MB8® garment holder (55 x 110 cm) with shoulder strap

- Zip YKK Excella®

- Regimental jacquard lining

- Detachable adjustable shoulder strap 

- ID Tag in leather

Two leather top handles 

- Internal pockets

- WARRANTY: 24 months against manufacturing defects

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-7 working daysFREE SHIPPING to Europe, USA and Canada.

Brand History

Ludovico Marabotto is the high-end Italian luggage brand that combines a perfect blend of functionality and elegance with technology and craftsmanship

It all started with an intuition. Elisabetta and Ludovico, mother and son who are often away for work, always seemed to have the same problem on each trip: how to pack the garments they cared about without creasing them so that they could wear them once they arrived at their destination.

The traditional garment holders were unfortunately neither practical to carry, nor did they properly keep clothes in place: a slight movement or bump would make the garments slip off the hanger and fall to the bottom, arriving at the hotel all creased and untidy. Then, the turning point ... During an extremely long wait at the airport, their gaze falls on some passengers wearing trousers with braces... The brace clips, this is how they could solve the problem! They had to try it out... And so, for their return trip, Elisabetta and Ludovico experimented their idea on some of their garments. First, they used the clips to hold the clothes in place inside the holder; then they packed it carefully inside their suitcase. The self-made prototype flew home with them. On arrival... it had worked! The clothes - neatly arranged, held in place by the clips and separated from the rest of the items in the suitcase - had arrived in perfect condition, without creases and ready to be worn! Mother and son had created the first garment holder to be inserted inside a suitcase featuring an effective retaining system for the garments. A double solution: clothes always in place and an easy to carry garment bag.

The natural consequence of a winning idea, the intuition becomes a reality, transforming into a line of elegant and contemporary travel products characterised by meticulous care and original details, including the inner linings with their exclusive prints and patternsThe design, leathers, fabrics and production are all strictly Italian and entrusted to master craftsmen

Thanks to the exclusive retaining system, the unique MB8® garment holder, together with the metal hangers and the semi-rigid structure of the garment holder, can travel in any position, diagonally, vertically, horizontally, rolled up, in a bag, in a backpack.

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