CARAVELLE Medium Orange Leather Travel Bag


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CARAVELLE is the new model of fashionable travel bags created by LE SAC BLUE and its name is inspired by the fascinating nautical world.

Classic lines and nautical details meet to give life to a timeless item, realized using the best handcraft methods and high quality materials: soft prestigious leather hides, enriched with small stainless steel parts whereas, and marine fabrics are combined through the best techniques. Therefore, light differences in color and shape, due to natural characteristics of leather, make this item more unique and desirable.

Caravelle stands out for its practicality and sporty-chic elegance and it is a real invitation to travel all around the world.

You can wear this accessory with L.G.R. Sunglasses, Mazzoleni Driving Gloves and AB AETERNO Watches.



- Size: L42 x W25 x H25 (cm)

- Gender: Unisex

- Genuine leather “tuffato pesante” Le Sac Bleu;

- Long, adjustable and detachable shoulder strap;

- Stainless steel snap-hooks and shackles;

- Breaking resistant stainless steel bag clasp;

- Anti-scratch zip-top closure;

- Marine canvas lining;

- Insider zip pocket.

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Brand History

The new brand LE SAC BLEU unveils its line of original travel bags, a clean and simple collection characterized by nautical details and embellished with a touch of innate elegance.

Born from the handcraft tradition handed down by Guidetti family, from 1925 representative of the Made in Italy excellence, LE SAC BLEU chooses a sailor for its logo, the symbol of adventurous tripand amazing discoveries.

This brand represents the perfect blend of tradition and innovation: for the upholstery it features fine and soft prestigious leather hides, enriched with small stainless steel parts whereas, while for the inner linings it borrows marine fabrics.

In order to satisfy all tastes and needs, this collection is available in different sizes and colors and it has been though and created for men and women equally.

Perfect mix of know-how tradition and nautical technology, balance between aesthetics and practicalityLE SAC BLEU revolutionizes the concept of fashion accessory as expression of those who love to travel without giving up on elegance.

FINAEST.COM has chosen Le Sac Bleu because is 100% Made in Italy and realizes its items by using handcraft methods and precious high quality materials. Moreover, its items are a true and real invitation to travel all around the world.

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