Light Blue Stripes Cotton Pyjama


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This elegant relax slim-fit pyjama for man by Kloters Milano is perfect to wear when it’s important to be flawless not only into the bedroom.

Made in Italy from very soft cotton, this garment has been realized for men who appreciate rare and sophisticated details.

The orange piping creates an elegant contrast making these pyjama unique, just like those who wear it.

It exudes luxury and will make a dashing gift for any well turned out gentleman.

Exceptionally comfortable, this smart duo will make getting out of bed that little bit harder.

Wear it with Kloters Milano Underwear to make a wonderful impression.



- Color and Material: White with Light Blue Stripes and Orange Pipings / Cotton

- 100% Made in Italy

- Relax Slim-Fit wearability

- Front placket

- Kloters label inside

- Jacket pocket with piping

- Double collar: shirt style or jacket style

- Shirt-like sleeves with buttons

- Trousers with waist drawstring

- 100% Zep

DELIVERY: At your home in 2-7 working days.


Brand History

Style, quality of materials and comfort: these are the ingredients that Kloters Milano uses to create an outstanding male underwear product, dedicated to the man who searches for a garment that combines refinement, superior fit and exclusive quality.

Each piece of its collections is conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy, using the finest fabrics, selected in different areas of the world. The whole development process is strictly controlled by expert hands to ensure the highest standard finishing and sartorial feelings.

Finaest.com chose Kloters Milano because it is a brand that constantly looks for perfection and aspires to become the underwear made for the success of those who wear it.

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