Style Stories Jun 22, 2022

Style Guide 2: How to wear your trousers

This is a brief guide on how to properly wear trousers.

“Pants are rarely the focus of a gentleman's look, but they are the foundation that his look is built on.”   

 - The Sartorialist 


Stylish trousers often have cuffed hems. They are usually more elegant and, in addition, cuffs make them heavier at the end improving the "appiombo", that is the way the end of trousers falls down. Cuffed hems are usually five centimeters high, but they can be slightly adjusted based on your height.


Trousers can have several heights, depending on their types and styles. One of the most famous (and fashionable) is the high-waisted Gurkha. The Gurkha trouser takes its name from Nepal's elite soldiers. 

There are now several variations of these stylish pants: with classic closure, with forked closure, or with double buttons end.

A pair of high-waisted Gurkha trousers can really upgrade your outfit and make you look more dapper even if paired with a simple sweater and a pair of sneakers.


Trousers' length is crucial for a proper fit. In this matter, there are several options you can choose from, essentially three: the full break, the no break, and the taper one.

Starting from the first one you have: The most classic, where the hem break on the shoe forming a light fold. The modern, where the hem falls down straight and stops before touching the shoe. The trendy, where the hem stops before (or around) the ankle, leaving it visible. Whatever the length you choose, always be moderate and you’ll be ok.

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