News Jul 5, 2019


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Summer stands for bright yellow sunshine, sandy white beaches accompanied by the scent of the blue sea… but it also stands for having drinks outside with your friends. Once you are in the right place, with a well-made cocktail in your hand it is easy to picture yourself in a veranda with an ocean view or on a rooftop during sunset while watching the world go by.

For this reason we decided to contact and have a chat with one of the owners of Porto 51, a bar located on the right side of Ischia’s port, a bar that in the last few years has become one of the most popular one on the island. We were curious to know from the owners of Porto 51 which cocktail will be the most popular one this summer:

“During the last season we have seen the rise of gin, however I think that this trend has reached its peak. Today clients prefer: whiskey, tequila, mescal and tiki based-cocktails. At our place the most popular summer cocktails will be the classic ones such as: Old Fashioned, Sazeracs, Daiquiri and Tommy’s Margarita”.

In regards to the new trends he adds: “In our opinion, the summer drink that will have the same success as Moscow mule had in the past years, will be: Paloma cocktail. The ingredients for this cocktail are: 50 ml of white tequila 100% Agave, 30ml of fresh lime juice, 10ml of Agave syrup and top it off with pink grapefruit soda. The choice of the ingredients is crucial, using a good Tequila 100% agave as Arette, Don Julio, Espolon, Ocho or Herradura. The Tequila 100% agave is mellower compared to the cheaper mixed versions, which makes it the best expression of the Mexican distilled.”

While I was there, I took the opportunity to ask Francesco, one of the Mancusi brothers, to tell me more about how Porto51 was founded, his answer reminded me of a movie. Have you seen Sliding Doors? A 1998 movie that shows how everyday choices affect the course of a whole life, and this is exactly what happened when the Mancusi siblings decided to open Porto51.

Born on the island, the Mancusi family history is a great one, made of sacrifices mixed with the desire of payback and achievement, but most of all passionate about work. While Francesco was flying back from a work experience in Australia he woke his brother up and proposed to him to open a new place, their own place. So instead of going to Ibiza, where they were about to start a new project, they opened Porto51 in their hometown, Ischia. With their passion and their experience on food, music and drinks they did it! They made a choice, a “sliding door” that has changed their lives forever.

In May 2015 Porto51, named after the street where it is located, opened its doors for the first time. Thanks to its warm, familiar and welcoming atmosphere, it soon became a go-to place for everyone on the island who love tradition, but also like to be surprised with new and refined international flavors and fragrances.

During the summer, on the 14th of August, thanks to the partnership between Porto51 and Negombo Thermal Park, a unique event will take place: Arena. Arena is an exclusive party where getting into the right mood is easy, a place where you can eat traditional Italian food and dance to the beat of local music but at the same time national and international Djs will be there along with other three thousand people in one of the most beautiful spots of the island.

Follow Porto51 on social media, not just to keep yourself up-to-date with all future events, but also for news of food, drinks and music. Porto51’s social media will show you how the Mancuso family cares for their place and how passionate they are about their job.

If you find yourself in Ischia and you want to be surprised then you can’t miss out on Porto51 and their delicious cocktails.