BETTIE Rose Gold Plated necklace with coral pearls, clear and green crystals


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Meticulously crafted by hand and completely Made in Italy, this necklace by Ellen Conde has been created with rose gold, coral pearls, clear and deep green crystals. 

The aim of the designer is to bring out and enhance, in a strictly cosmopolitan perspective, the feminine personality through unique and inimitable creations. 

This necklace is a glamorous, luxurious and unique piece of art, realized for strong and elegant women who want to stand out, and it is perfect for both day and night outfits.

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COMPOSITION: Rose gold, coral pearls, clear and deep green crystals

HAND MADE IN ITALY by expert craftsmen, hypoallergenic and nickel free.

CARE ISTRUCTION: Mantain in a dry environment, Do not apply any abrasives chemicals or perfume on the jewelry.

DELIVERY: At your home in 15 working days (due to the Artisanal Process). FREE SHIPPING to Europe, US and Canada. 

Brand History

Ellen Conde is a brand founded in Milan and characterized by a contemporary, style-defining jewelry, crafted according to Italian tradition and using authentic techniques, selected prime materials and close attention to detail. The unique hand-made pieces created by Ellen Conde reflect her vision of style and beauty.

Originated from Siberia, living in Italy, Ellen strives to combine seemingly opposite elements to create strong, feminine and sometimes even daring pieces. She brings together contrasts, such as Swarovski pearls and crystals with industrial-looking chains, to create emotional charged jewelry having the power of instantly transforming one's look.

When a jewel becomes an instrument to celebrate the cultural roots of the artist, being able to filter out the her intense emotions and history, then it becomes an object of undisputed fascination, the bearer of beauty and charm. This is the concept on which the newborn brand created by the young Russian designer Ellen Conde is based.

In fact, her brand is characterized by a refined as well as unusual mixture of styles that inextricably links tradition, innovation, and cultures. The artist, taking inspiration from her cultural roots, imbued with exotic flavors and oriental suggestions, expresses her personal aesthetic ideal through the use of the most exclusive gold working techniques typical of the Italian tradition. These jewels, which immediately recall the iconographic details and splendor of Russian mosques, are not intended as mere ornaments, but as talismans endowed with a strong inherent power.

These jewels are created with a close attention to detail, raw materials selection and skilled handwork. The fusion of these elements, result of a careful study which found its basis on industrial design and a delicate process of modeling wax, has made possible to create a perfect balance that embodies and expresses the philosophy of the brand.

Its aim is to bring out and enhance, in a strictly cosmopolitan perspective, the feminine personality through unique and inimitable creations. Ellen Conde speaks to women who are confident and strong yet delicate and feminine. More precisely these jewels are artifacts of great elegance that enclose, express and mix histories and traditions. A perfect blend between Russian culture and Italian traditions.

Ellen Conde jewels can be found into the best shops in the world (Italy, USA, Japan, Russia, etc.), and they have been featured in the most prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue Magazine. Vanity Fair, Grazia.it to name just a few, and they are usually worn by the most important fashion trendsetters (like Sofie ValkiersValentina Siragusa, and Erika Boldrin).

FINAEST.COM has chosen ELLEN CONDE Jewels because they are perfect 100% Made in Italy and allow women to feel real sexy and elegant divas.


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